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12 May 2020 pm

Sensonor launches new high-accuracy tactical grade IMU

September 4th, 2019  The new high‐accuracy tactical‐gradeInertial Measurement Unit (IMU) from Sensonor
provides greatly increased accelerometer performance to support demanding guidance and
navigation applications.


Its performance can in many applications competitively replace fiber‐optic 

gyros (FOGs). Offering improved system performance with respect to robustness, reliability, size,
weight, power and cost, it is designed for use in autonomous machine control, UAV payloads,
satellites, portable target acquisition systems, land navigations systems, turret stabilization, missile
stability and navigation, and mortar aiming systems.
STIM318 is comprised of 3 highly accurate MEMS gyros, 3 high stability accelerometers and 3
inclinometers. Its development took place in close cooperation with a global lead‐customer,
developing autonomous machine control for accurate contour guidance. The IMU is built on the
established STIM design that is field‐proven in commercial and military applications.
An ITAR‐free product, STIM318 is available in export controlled and non‐export controlled
versions. It is compatible with Sensonor’s STIM300 IMU, and can bring additional capability to
applications already using STIM300. STIM318 is available from stock.
In addition to the performance increase, STIM318 comes with a new Bias Trim Offset (BTO)
function. This allows the user to individually zero out any bias of all 9 axes. The bias offset can be
stored in flash, and then recalled at next system startup.

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