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Vishay Intertechnology was founded in 1962 by Dr. Felix Zandman. It began operations with one technology that had two product lines: foil resistors and foil resistance strain gages. In 1985, having grown from a start-up into the world’s leading manufacturer of these original products, the Company began an ongoing series of strategic acquisitions to become a broadline manufacturer of electronic components. Today, Vishay Intertechnology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.

As Vishay transformed itself from a start-up company to a broad-line manufacturer of electronic components, its two original product lines became non-core businesses in terms of R&D, marketing, and sales. In October 2009, Vishay announced its intention to spin off its non-core foil resistors and weighing and measurement businesses into an independent company: Vishay Precision Group.

Vishay Intertechnology’s acquisitions include such top names as Siliconix, Telefunken, the infrared components business of Infineon, General Semiconductor, Dale, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, and BCcomponents (former passive components businesses of Philips Electronics and Beyschlag). In 2007, Vishay acquired selected discrete semiconductor and module product lines from International Rectifier®. Subsequent acquisitions include a specialty tantalum capacitor product line from KEMET.

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