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12 May 2020 pm

Intuitive, ergonomic controls promote safety in rail transport

Olten, Switzerland, February 2020 – Intuitive, ergonomic controls promote safety in rail transport – EAO’s versatile Series 04 has proven its value in modern rail vehicles by fulfilling a variety of application requirements and international standards.

Thanks to their modern design, safe and ergonomically friendly operation, and pronounced tactile feedback, the Series 04 has become an established feature of driver desks in particular. The extensive range of Series 04 products offer options in either square or round and standard or flush mount styles.

Typical applications

  • Driver desks
  • Control units
  • Control cabinets

Each Human Machine Interface (HMI) function can be designed precisely to meet the required specification for the given application. For instance, standardised or customised markings in the form of engraved text or symbols provide seamless and intuitive operation. Precision, speed and reliability in operation makes Series 04 suitable for machinery control applications such as control cabinets and main operator panels too.

Series 04 HMI functions

  • Pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton and mushroom-head pushbutton
  • Selector switch
  • Keylock switch and key-insert switch
  • Lever switch
  • Indicator and flasher
  • Buzzer
  • Potentiometer
  • Stop switch
  • Emergency stop switch and emergency call switch

Front bezels made of black or silvered plastic, as well as natural or black anodised aluminium, give these actuators and indicators a design that is as modern as it is robust. Slow make and snap-action switching elements offer a choice of screw, ring cable shoe, single or double plug-in terminals as well as an intuitive option of push-in terminals (PIT) that does not require any additional tools. 


  • Modular construction for a wide range of applications
  • Ideal for driver desks
  • Modern, long-lasting and intuitive design
  • Safe in use with its distinct haptic feedback
  • Compliant with international industry standards

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