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30 June 2020 pm

Molex Innovative Push Pull Standard for M12 Connectors

Jun 29, 2020

WALLDORF, Germany – 8 established manufacturers for M12 connectors – Molex, Phoenix Contact, HARTING, Murrelektronik, ESCHA, Binder, CONEC and Weidmüller – have come together to establish a standard for the push-pull locking mechanism of M12 connectors on the market. Together, we are pursuing the one goal of ensuring compatibility across manufacturers. This joint approach resulted in IEC 61076-2-010; a standard that describes both external and internal locking by utilizing push-pull locking. The vote on the CDV was approved with an outstanding 92.9% in favor. This indicates that a final form of the IEC mentioned can be expected in December 2020. With this standard, a milestone for automation technology has been achieved – both the saving of installation time and thus costs as well as a safe, robust and widely available locking system can be realized!

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